Whether it’s high in the mountains, on a beach near the ocean, in a forest meadow OR The LAS VEGAS DESERT - you deserve to get Senior Portraits however you want to. I’ll be sure to help you plan and save beautiful memories for years to come. Check out some of my work from previous years!

number one

Celebrate Your Life 

You've made it through 17 years of growth and development! Everything you've worked hard for, all the hours you put in, are now coming to a momentous conclusion and you'll be starting a new chapter in your life. Now is the time to celebrate all that you’ve worked for and accomplished! Through the highs and the lows, you’ve made it through the experience of high school and are now ready to embrace the future. You might not realize it, But you're a rockstar and You’ve worked hard to get to graduation! You may think you will never forget these times, but one day you will look back on these images and remember how things were. From the style of clothing to the look of ambition in your eyes, it's all worth remembering.

number two

Reward Yourself 

Senior pictures are fun, creative, and exciting! It's the perfect time to treat yourself. You may have taken 1000's of selfies though your years, or maybe you've taken none, Either way it's a chance to put yourself in the spotlight of feeling and looking fabulous! There are so many amazing things about your individuality and documenting those things in your photoshoot will be one of the greatest experiences throughout your school years! Picking out a special outfit and getting your hair and makeup done, or even showing off your new car is all well-deserved! Take this time to reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished as you get ready for adulthood!

number three


Sharing your awesome senior pics on social media is a must-do for so many students, (and parents!) and while it's super fun to blow up the gram, Senior Photos are actually needed for the yearbook! These photos are also great for grad parties, invitations, thank you cards or memory books!

Welcome Friend, I am Kim Elsner

My photography journey started in 2003 when I began taking photos of my daughter. In retrospect, I was always the one with a disposal camera in my hand while growing up.

Fast forward 20 years later & I still find photography an artistic and therapeutic outlet.

I am married with 4 children & 2 grandkids, they are my life.

I believe we are all deserving of love, happiness & acceptance to be who we are, & that kindness matters. Each persons story should be told, heard & possibly photographed! 😜