It's probably a bittersweet moment that you are almost a Senior!

In the coming year there are going to be so many new and exciting moments, and Senior Pictures will be one of them!  

A Senior Rep Team is a chance for your senior to have an extra memorable senior year by meeting new friends, gain confidence and business experience, boosting their confidence and spending extra time with me and the team where we will empower and uplift each other! 

Our team will be chosen from applicants that are active within their community, promote positive moral images, believe in building genuine relationships, and are passionate about making the most of their senior year. 

This is a chance to have an independent photo session (Yes, Your very own!) AND join in with other students in some very cool group photo sessions, where you will take team photos AND extra solo shots!!


🖤 A Special Rep package that includes multiple sessions throughout the year. This consists of:

Your own personal, full length shoot, Taken sometime between March 2024-July 2024. PLUS, up to 3 group sessions throughout Summer and Fall of Senior year where you'll ALSO receive more solo images too! Plus.....

🖤 A Cap and Gown Mini Session in Spring of 2025 before you graduate

🖤 A 10% discount off of prints or products

🖤 An online senior guide with all the details on how to prepare for your shoot

🖤 Opportunity to make lasting friendships with other students in your community


With parent or guardian permission, Please check out the Senior Rep packages by clicking the link below and fill out the form below. I am only offering 8 Senior Reps for Class of 2025, So space is very limited! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join this amazing team! Please check the FAQ below the application form for important answers about investment & packages, preparation and more!



When does my PERSONAL session take place?

Being a senior rep means being a spokesperson for Kim Elsner Photography! This doesn't mean you have to be a saleswoman to any of your friends, it means you are reping our brand with pride. We don't do any old school advertising (Ask your parents about the old yellow pages!) So part of the amazing perks you receive means you're willing to shoot your session between February 2024 and July 2024, (Yes, While you are still a junior!) Becaue I completely understand that's early, You will also get an additional mini session during the Spring of your Senior Year where you can rock your cap and gown AND get a few more AMAZING shots (without your gown) DURING your actual Senior Year!! Plus, You will get lots of solo photos taken at our group shoots all throughout Summer and Fall. You will have so many different backdrops and styles, and differnt outfits from all the sessions you attend througout your Senior year!

What is the cost and what do I get?

Investing in your Senior Year isn't only a financial decision, it's emotional and sentimental. There's so many milestones throughout your life and this is the last one before you move into your independence and next phase of adulthood. Remembering this huge milestone is an investment worth making.

Each session includes digital files, a digital Senior guide with preparation guides, planning with me, an online gallery to select images and order prints and a print release if you chose to order prints and products at your own discretion.
Senior reps get the extra discounts and perks listed above including the regular session info.

Do I have to particpate in the group sessions?

Yes, Group Sessions are so much fun and are the main purpose of being part of a team! Not only do you get amazing photos that are super fun to post on social media, You get to make connections with other seniors in the community who are like-minded and wanting to build connections too! The group sessions are full of laughter, music, and really help with self confidence in group settings, The girls build each other up and there's nothing more amazing than feeling self-empowerment! Group sessions are a key part of the Senior rep program and while you do not have to join every single one, I do require and look forward to your appearance and contribution to the friend group!

Will you help me if I don't know anything about how to take photos?

YES! YES! YES!! I am there for you every step of the way! From picking out clothing to feeling super comfortable and confident during your shoot, I will guide you with visual and verbal detail and the utmost care. I will help you with posing and show you how to get candid shots too! YOU WILL NOT FEEL AWKWARD under my watch! I am all about inclusion and the reps on my team are too! There is nothing to be nervous about and if you are, I got you, I promise!

Do I get my own photoshoot, or only pictures taken with the group?

Yes! To be on the rep team you must book your regular senior photo session with me. In addition you will also need to attend at least 2 of the 3 group sessions we decide on at our Rep coffee date on Sunday, March 17th.
At that time we will vote on dates for our group sessions and locations!

Is your program open for boys and girls?

Absolutely! I have no rules except to work with students who are kind, motivated and willing to work together. However, I only have 8 spots available for the entire year.